What And Whys Of Digital Marketing

Promoting or selling products or services through marketing is nothing new. But unlike the traditional marketing methods of using newspaper ads or magazine ads, digital marketing uses all forms of electronic media to target consumers. Digital marketing basic concepts and intention remain the same, to target more and more consumers to buy products. The approach is entirely different.

Why digital marketing

In this digital age, information is available at fingertips. Consumers have access to information anytime, anywhere. With the advent of digital media, shopping is no longer done in malls but on phones. Consumers have information on not just the brand you promote but also on what friends, peers, etc. are saying about it. People want customizing and relevant content tailored to their needs and preferences.

Targeting audience: no wonder businesses these days, small or big invests on a website and advertise on social media. Amidst digital media reaching so many people, your business is not limited to a local audience but also targets international audience too. Your business campaign can be tailored according to audience demographics making it more efficient.

Personalize content: Unlike in traditional marketing where everyone received flyers in their mailbox or received phone calls irrespective of their interest in the product, in digital marketing consumers can choose how they want to receive content. The audience gets the choice to opt in or out of the communication. They get relevant and customized content based on their needs.

Knowing Customers better: After understanding the needs of a consumer, it is important to reach out to them when they are ready to receive your communication. That can be done by collating the customer preference information across social media, web, etc. Using this data, digital marketers engage the customers and bring them to buy their products.

Real-time data: You get to see the performance of your products with the touch of a few buttons. You can also view the number of visitors to your site, conversion rates, subscribers, etc. and take appropriate actions based on these figures.

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5 Reasons Why Magento Is The Ideal Ecommerce Platform


Has the entrepreneurial bug struck you? If you are few of the people with a flair for business and looking forward to making a strong presence in the online segment, Magento is for you. However, before you read about this digital marketing company, read trending stories on www.entrepreneur.com that will help you find a strong foothold.

Introducing Magento

Say hello to Magento, your friendly e-commerce platform for business. It is an open source software which means that the source code is available to the customer. The owner has the authority to change and modify the software for their personal use.

Magento offers developers a platform to personalize their online marketplace while offering services and features for the smooth running of the business. This software eases shopping for buyers with the provision of tools like SEO, stocks and inventory management that applies to a small warehouse to a large company.

This is Magento for you in a nutshell. What are the features of Magento that make it the most preferred online platform? Take a cue from these pointers.

Popular software
Magento Software has bagged the third place as the most popular e-commerce platform in the US. You can join the online community of Magento developers who are spread across the world. Share your ideas or offer solutions about Magento.

Ease Of Personalization
One size does not fit all. A fashion boutique online has their own set of tools when compared to a confectionery store. The range of operations varies from one business to another. With Magento, you can customize your business according to its nature. The open-source nature of the software further facilitates ease of addition and deletion of modules.

Describing Magento as fast is too less a comparative term. The majority of the online users expect that the site to load in less than 2 seconds. If there is any delay or the page is slow, users just close the tab and move on to the next. This can leave a dent in the company’s sales, especially if it is an emerging startup.

With an emphasis on speed and time, it is natural to choose the right platform that offers you a comprehensive solution. Magento works at lightning speed and caches the pages with help from Varnish. Data is retrieved in a fraction of a second and allows seamless processing of information for customers.

Search Engine Optimization Friendly
Rule number one of any business is to make the portal as SEO friendly as possible. Magento saves you the trouble of writing meta tags, descriptions, and URL tags. The source code comes with these set of attributes that will help make your website search friendly.

Extensions And Plugins
Magento is a storehouse of extensions and other plug-ins required for your business. You can further choose to have different versions for each extension that comes with an attractive price tag.

If you own multiple stores online, you can manage them efficiently using a common platform for all of them. Each of the websites can have different layout and designs, while you control them with a single admin panel.

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